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Machining Nitinol
Discover the fascinating world of a competent subcontractor specialized in Titanium, Cobalt Chromium and Nitinol machining

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A solution for mass production of difficult part machining

  • parts that you can hardly turn (diameter less than 1 millimetre)
  • parts with very thin walls
  • parts with tight tolerences (less that one-hundredth millimetre)
  • parts with flexible material (Nitinol)
  • parts with sharp edges (cutting tools)
  • parts of very tiny dimensions (less than an cubic millimetre)
These competences are today used in the medical and watch industry.


It is a binary alloy 50%Titanium / 50%Nickel, with a rate of impurity < 0.1%
NiTinol is an alloy that can be educated, meaning that it can take the shape provided at a given temperature. Its shape and temperature necessary to change its form are variable and are defined at the outset of production. Its properties can be resumed as
  • Warm shape memory: self-expanding Nitinol stents changing shape at body temperature
  • Superelasticity : is used for staples and anchors which naturally adopt their shape after implantation
  • Biocompatibility : Nitinol is inert
Nitinol is being used in a variety of applications such as
  • Medical : tweezers to remove foreign objects through small incisions; orthodontic wires; guiding for catheters through blood vessels; anchors with Nitinol hooks to attach tendons to bone
  • Safety : eyeglass frames can be bent totally out of shape and return to their parent shape; fire sprinklers with impressive response time; anti-scalding valves is used in water faucets and shower heads
  • Robotics : used in robotics actuators and micromanipulators to simulate human muscle motion
  • Military : connectors in hydraulic submarine missiles; cable connectors in various military aircraft
  • Household appliances, in clothing, in structures and much more

A team specialized in Nitinol machining

Located near the lake of Geneva in Switzerland, the Pamtec company has been founded by 2 engineers and 2 technicians in early 2015. The members of the team have more than 15 years of experiences in machining difficult materials for the medical industry. The production unit is designed and shaped for large volumes.


Machines are all automated (automatic loading and unloading stations) in order to produce in volumes.
To be able to deliver large volumes, our production lines can run 24 hours a day. Automatic control systems manage to compensate the grinding wheel wear during production. Grinding machines are equiped with 9 axis.

OEM manufacturing

You can benefit from our know-how and offer our products quickly in your corporate design – with the "Made in Switzerland" seal of quality. Please speak to us about the many ways in which we can help. We look forward to receiving your inquiry


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